More information on the OS X Trojan

“Two pieces of malicious software affecting Apple’s Mac OS X appeared this week: a Trojan horse with the ability to download and install malicious code of an attacker’s choice, and a hacker tool for creating backdoors, according to security vendors.” Read more…

Watch what you interface with, Take 2

“Researchers at Symantec are noting an uptick in USB-based malware as reports surface of a U.S. Army ban on USB devices and portable media.

According to reports on Wired, the U.S. Army has banned the use of USB sticks, flash media cards, CDs and other removable storage due tosecurity concerns and the proliferation of theAgent.btz worm a variant of SillyFDC that spreads by copying itself to thumb drives or other removable media. ” Read more…

Be careful, phishing never stops….

“The economic meltdown is not devoid of opportunities. There’s one group of folks who might do just fine: scammers.

Security experts have spotted an increase in phishing, the scam that uses fake e-mails to get people to hand over personal financial information that could be used to drain bank accounts or for identity theft.” Read more…

Tough times…..

“A systems administrator who was laid off this month by a New York-based financial services firm was arrested in New Jersey last week for allegedly threatening to damage the company’s servers if it didn’t increase his severance pay.” Read More…

San Jose, CA shutdowns SPAM network

“Spam volumes plunged by more than 40% after a major bot hosting network was shut down, researchers at IronPort Systems Inc. said today.

On Tuesday, McColo Corp. was kicked offline when its primary Internet providers severed its connection to the Web, reported The Washington Post, which led an investigation of the San Jose-based hosting service. According to the newspaper, McColo’s clients included cybercriminal groups that ran some of the biggest spam-spewing and malware-spreading botnets.”  Read more…

Busy hackers, cyber defense never ends….

“Chinese hackers have penetrated the White House computer network on multiple occasions, and obtained e-mails between government officials, a senior US official told the Financial Times.
On each occasion, the cyber attackers accessed the White House computer system for brief periods, allowing them enough time to steal information before US computer experts patched the system.” Read more..

Patch Acrobat Reader!!!

Hackers have been very busy this year exploiting vulnerabilities in a wide range of client applications. Computer world reported that attackers were exploiting one of the vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader that was patched earlier this week. Adobe confirmed the attacks, and urged users to update the software to version 9 immediately, or if that’s not possible, to deploy the patched version of Reader 8. See full article at Computer World

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