gOS 3 lite, simple, sassy!!

Google OS 3

Well it seems Google has delivered yet another medium by which users can interact with its technologies. gOS’s simple design but powerful under the hood operating system brings the Linux operating system to the main stream. The graphical user interface is slick and sassy similar to playing with a new toy. It delivers on the concept of an all in one, secure solution to performing daily tasks. It is easy to install or not, it gives the user the flexibility to boot into this new operating system by simply booting from the “Live CD“. In future articles we will introduce the concept of safe web surfing by using the Live CD concept so stay tuned. To learn about the features included in gOS read more……

Patch Acrobat Reader!!!

Hackers have been very busy this year exploiting vulnerabilities in a wide range of client applications. Computer world reported that attackers were exploiting one of the vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader that was patched earlier this week. Adobe confirmed the attacks, and urged users to update the software to version 9 immediately, or if that’s not possible, to deploy the patched version of Reader 8. See full article at Computer World

Remember to uninstall your old version of the product before you install the latest. To download the latest version click on the link http://www.adobe.com/